Some major factors that have contributed to the company's remarkable growth over the decades are its pragmatic approach towards changing times and embracing the latest technology, finding the newest means to maximize productivity and scale overall capabilities whilst maintaining impeccable production and delivery standards. Some of the current initiatives in the pipeline aimed at achieving these objectives include:

Initiative in the Pipeline

1000 Ton--- 400 Ton---- 600 Ton---- 400 Ton

A sprawling new production facility at Faridabad, NCR of 60000 Sq. Feet Covered Area is under construction. It is expected to be ready by March- 2014

Two-moving Bolsters

All the presses are planned with two-moving Bolsters (Center to Right & Center to Left)

Deep Draw and High Tensile Parts

Lead press 1000 ton is with Link Motion drive to handle Deep Draw and High Tensile Parts.

Die Height

Maximum Die Height of 1150 mm and Minimum Die height of 650 mm (Suitable for tools with both 800 and 1100 mm Die height)

Bolster Size

Bolster Size: 3200 x 2200 mm (LR x FB).

Product Warehouses

We have product warehouses in USA, Germany, Czech Republic & Thailand. We plan to open another high capacity warehouse in Indonesia.