The fact that Victora Tool Engineers has the distinction of being the only Indian manufacturer and supplier of sophisticated elevator door assemblies of various designs to VictoraLifts .

Elevator Mfg.

Our best-in-class infrastructure housing cutting-edge technology and modern manufacturing and testing facilities satisfy all the stringent international benchmarks of performance and safety.

Our skilled and experienced technical professionals’ commitment to quality.

"We have featured outstanding growth rate and have an impressive customer base."

They are reinforced with high quality semi glossstoving paint, which has proven capabilities to with stand 480 hrs of rigorous endurance exams like salt spray conducted in various labs.

Other Services

Weld Shops

State-of-the-art microprocessor controlled spot welding and MIG welding equipment.

Flexible Mfg.

FM system makes it possible to automate production with machine tools.

Press Shop

Where the entire fabrication process begins, the Press Shop holds great importance.

Tool Design

Modern design software has re-defined the precision standards of the industry.