Modern design software has re-defined the precision standards of the industry

Tool Design

Being fully committed to remain at the forefront of technology, we make extensive use of computer integrated high end design software which includes CATIA V5R6, Power 3.1 (DELCAM), Autocad 2000 etc. This allows us to add significant value to the manufacturing chain in terms of offering both a time as well as cost advantage, besides aiding us in the development of new sheet metal press tools, components and products. Working in tandem and close coordination with our customers, these professionals are able to quickly arrive at working dimensional tolerances, thereby optimizing process for high volume production while deriving economies of scale and transferring the benefits to our customers.

Our skilled and experienced technical professionals’ commitment to quality.

"We have featured outstanding growth rate and have an impressive customer base."

Our highly experienced and qualified team of tool design engineers is adept at linking critical product specifications and design with the electronic data interchange, thus bringing about substantial savings in costs and time to our customers.

Other Services

Weld Shops

State-of-the-art microprocessor controlled spot welding and MIG welding equipment.

Flexible Mfg.

FM system makes it possible to automate production with machine tools.

Press Shop

Where the entire fabrication process begins, the Press Shop holds great importance.

Tool Design

Modern design software has re-defined the precision standards of the industry.